Thursday, February 24, 2011

Driving Minnie at Night

It's been almost a year since I've last driven a car. Driving a brand new car without much practice is nerve wracking especially when all your "practice plans" never pan out. I had planned to take Minnie for a spin around our village and then the nearby mall last Saturday afternoon. Afternoon. I wanted to build my driving skills again minus the stress.

But things have so far not played to my cards. When I got out of our village to buy some cake for my aunt I was greeted by bumper to bumper traffic! My knees started to get wobbly, but good thing hubby's a good driver and he helped me get around. My second dilemma was parking Minnie. I wanted to buy at the mall because it was easier to park there, but we didn't have enough time so we just went to the nearby Red Ribbon. Rolling down the window helped a lot because drivers usually give way to female drivers. Haha.

And then we ended up going to the mall to get some groceries after my aunt's party. Getting there was easy even though it was evening. I thought it would be the same going home. I was wrong because when we got out traffic was bumper to bumper again and nobody wanted to give way. Hubby had to coach me all the way home. Haha. Take note though that I've been driving the same route for more than ten years now. It's just really scary when you're driving a new car.

Anyway, it's a huge milestone for me and Minnie and she played along beautifully. It was my first time to check out the headlights and all the little nice lights inside the car. Call me old-style, but I wish the radio lights weren't red.

Next up, my first "long" drive with Minnie.

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  1. we want one too, but not for the moment as I am broke to having the old car fixed! darn!