Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Minnie's Blessing

In our country one's new car (whether it be brand new or second hand) it is a must to have it blessed. All you need to do is ask your parish church where you should park the car so that the priest can bless it after mass. He'd usually bless several cars at the same time and would bless its drivers.

I got Minnie on a Wednesday so when Sunday came we went to church 15 minutes early so we could park it at the spot where the priest usually holds car blessings. I had a bit of a fright during mass because we saw three men peering inside Minnie. Good thing one of my friends (he was outside for a parish activity) approached the men and they immediately left. Whew!

I ran after Fr. Luis after mass to request him to bless Minnie. After doing some chikka with other parishioners he was soon in front of Minnie. Hubby opened all the doors, engine hood and trunk so Fr. Luis can also bless the interior of the car.

After blessing the car, Fr. Luis blessed us and also said a prayer that we may be safe and for others to be safe too.

Happy Christening Minnie! May we and others always be safe!


  1. May you be safe everytime you ride in your new car. :)

  2. @Jay: Amen to that! Stay safe guys! :)